PrintFirst Time 5

In 2014, CRCR launched “First Time 5,” a campaign to educate and advise novice consumers of edibles. The campaign website and posters, which were distributed to dispensaries across Colorado, recommend five milligrams of THC as a reasonable serving size for first time edibles users, and provide information about the delayed effect of edibles and tips for coping with overconsumption. Developed as a response to reports of individuals having an unpleasant (and in rare cases, dangerous) first experience with edibles after consuming too many milligrams of THC, the campaign embodies one of CRCR’s primary goals: to identify and address aspects of the legal cannabis system that can be improved.

Industry Standards

In late 2015, CRCR launched a project designed to address less than optimal approaches to cannabis regulation and to encourage regulatory consistency across states. CRCR is working collaboratively with prominent industry groups and leaders of other tightly regulated industries to develop detailed standards for specific areas of the industry, including packaging, labeling, advertising, and marketing. The goal is to produce and distribute a series of white papers for policymakers containing model statutory and regulatory language accompanied by detailed explanations of why some provisions are useful and others are impractical, as well as voluntary standards for cannabis industry operators.

CRCR and the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) are partners in the development of packaging and labeling standards for the cannabis industry. This phase of the project launched in February 2016 and the first white paper is now available. Visit the project page to learn more and track our progress.