CRCR was launched by Steve Fox, Christian Sederberg, and Josh Kappel — attorneys with Vicente Sederberg LLC, the most recognized marijuana law firm in the country. All three, along with Brian Vicente, another Vicente Sederberg attorney, have been instrumental in the development and growth of the cannabis industry, both in Colorado and nationally. The combined knowledge and experience of the CRCR team enables the organization to strategically advocate for reforms, while serving as a resource to elected officials, government employees, and other individuals interested in implementing policies to regulate the production and sale of cannabis.


Steve Fox
Executive Director

Steve Fox has spent more than a decade transforming perceptions of cannabis and reforming cannabis laws in the United States. Prior to launching CRCR, Steve co-founded and helped guide the SAFER campaign in Colorado, co-founded the National Cannabis Industry Association, and managed the Amendment 64 campaign, which made Colorado the first region in the world to legalize the production, sale, possession, and home cultivation of cannabis for all adults. In addition, he co-authored Amendment 64 and has influenced cannabis policy at the federal level and in many U.S. states.

As Executive Director, Steve has led CRCR into the space between industry and advocacy, priming the organization for greater success than either faction can achieve alone. He has assembled an energetic team that collectively has unequaled experience in the cannabis industry, positioning the organization as an authority in the policy space. Through CRCR, Steve intends to demonstrate to officials around the world that responsible regulation of the cannabis industry is possible and that legalization is a sensible choice.


Chloe Grossman
Deputy Director

Chloe has been involved with cannabis policy reform since graduating from the University of Denver in 2011. After receiving a dual degree in sociology and psychology, Chloe interned with the Drug Policy Alliance in Denver, where she increased her familiarity with the history of cannabis law in Colorado. She later attended the University of California at Davis and obtained a master’s degree in sociology, focusing primarily on enforcement of cannabis law in her graduate studies, teaching, and research. During this time, she elevated her comprehension of the cannabis policy sphere through a number of external positions, including a lengthy term as cannabis policy intern under Dr. Amanda Reiman at the Drug Policy Alliance in San Francisco. Chloe returned to Denver after graduate school and began working for Denver Relief Consulting as an Associate Consultant. There, she managed licensing applications and analyzed state cannabis legislation and regulations, which provided a deep understanding of the policy landscape across the U.S. Chloe joined CRCR as Deputy Director in October 2015 and works closely with Executive Director Steve Fox to manage CRCR’s many projects.

In addition to CRCR’s core staff, many members of the Vicente Sederberg law firm donate their time and expertise to advancing CRCR’s efforts. We are fortunate to work closely with the exceptional members of the firm. Please see Vicente Sederberg’s website for more information about Jordan Wellington, Andrew Livingston, and other members of the firm who have helped advance CRCR’s mission.