The heart of the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation is the Council itself, which is comprised of cannabis business leaders who are committed to seeing the industry grow in a responsible manner. Council members help shape the policies promoted by CRCR by participating in regular discussion with CRCR staff and by providing feedback on pending legislation and draft ballot initiatives. Members also play a lead role in conveying the benefits of regulations to leaders from other states. They do so by hosting officials who visit Colorado and other states to see how a regulated cannabis industry operates in person.

We are honored to have the following individuals as current Council members:

John Davis, Northwest Patient Resource Center (WA)
Brooke Gehring, Patients Choice (CO)
Tripp Keber, Dixie Brands, Inc (CO)
Kayvan Khalatbari, Denver Relief Consulting (CO)
Khurshid Khoja, Greenbridge Corporate Counsel (CA)
Kris Krane, 4Front Ventures (MA)
Jaime Lewis, Good Chemistry (CO)
Sean Luse, Berkeley Patients Group (CA)
Ralph Morgan, Open Vape (CO)
Kristin Nevedal, Emerald Growers Association (CA)
Mary Shapiro, Mary L. Shapiro Law (CA)
Chris Woods, Terrapin Care Station (CO)