The future of cannabis rests on responsible regulation.

It seems all but assured that marijuana prohibition is coming to an end. Following the historic ballot initiative victories in Colorado and Washington in 2012 and the subsequent implementation of those laws, the world is seeing the benefits of having cannabis produced and sold in regulated systems. That said, there remain significant questions about how these systems should be regulated.

The Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation (CRCR) is a non-profit organization that takes a thoughtful, practical, and collaborative approach to advocating for cannabis legalization and regulation. Our mission is to promote and advance responsible regulation of the cannabis industry in a manner that benefits society and encourages other states and nations to adopt similar laws, policies, and regulations.

CRCR conducts a broad range of activities intended to educate advocates and policy-makers about cannabis regulation. We host tours in Colorado to help interested parties understand how the regulated market functions; provide insight and guidance to individuals around the world on laws, regulations, and ballot initiatives; and convene stakeholders to develop and promote sensible cannabis regulatory standards and best practices.

We believe CRCR is conducting some of the most important work in the cannabis space today. If you agree, we hope you will consider supporting our work. Contact us for more information.